Foodcamp 2013

In which I praise the foodcamp vienna 2013 and cry about people selling out too quickly.

Hoisin chicken

In which I extol the virtues of corn starch, among other things.

tomato soup


Tomato soup on a red table.

Lobster on the Go

Can you believe I ate lobster for the first time only a couple of weeks ago? Well, yes, apparently I did.

It was an apt environment too. During a four day trip to the splendid city of London, we ended up strolling past the Real Food market, which camps every weekend at the Southbank Centre.

Originally in the mood for fish ‘n chips, I opted for the half lobster instead, simply because it looked delicious in its red shell, cut open and ready to eat even for a novice like me.

We got our plastic plates and moved away from the market a bit and that’s when, with a plastic fork, I had my first lobster. It was good. It was really, really good. Buttery smooth meat, with a slight lemon and garlic taste. The only thing missing was the other half.

DBMA 2012: Cheesy Spatzle in the mountains

In which I almost had a sleep on a mountain and enjoyed a regional specialty.

Caesar Salad with prawns

I’m on vacation, so I’ll be updating this here blog on the fly, so to speak. So no fancy-shmansy texts, just a bit of photos and the usual concise wit you love and admire. Enjoy!

So, here’s a Caesar Salad with some shrimps, seen and eaten at Vienna’s Einstein restaurant.


It was surpsingly pleasing.

At the Heuriger

In which I write about the curious Austrian institution of the Heuriger.